“In the end, we got used to moonlight again.” Ignazio Silone

Perché il senso di perdita possa essere contrastato dall’energia della vita che non vuole fermarsi

Hang On To The Vine

I promised myself that I would not take any more photos of earthquake damage in L’Aquila.  I’m not going to complain about slow recovery efforts either. This year, in marking the anniversary of the April 6th 2009 quake, I’m going to focus on what’s new – or was new last June when I stayed in centro for a few days.

I saw a semblance of management in the form of public signage, information and plans for about 15 major buildings and churches.  Names of banks, builders, architects and financial pledges by countries and donors enabled me to believe that restoration work was imminent.

france donation


Several new businesses have opened. In 2011 I was buoyed by the opening of Tezenis on C.V. Emanuele.  Nothing picks up one’s spirits like a new camisole, swimsuit or pair of warm socks,  but more importantly it was a reminder of the old days of window…

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